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Nowadays image editing sector is a popular sector and people want to see their images clean, polished, and natural. As a popular portion of image editing sector, image retouching helps image to remove their imperfection so that it looks eye-catching and striking to all when it is displayed. Image retouching basically used for overall image enhancement. It is one of the most powerful photo editing techniques which makes image perfection.

Image Retouching is a process by which a photograph is altered or manipulated to appear differently than how it originally looked. It is also an art that requires an inherent streak of creativity. Creativity born out of experience and handling most complex portraits and snaps. By taking advantage of some retouching technique the quality of an image can be enhanced. When it comes to our hand; we may not only remove all the defects but also we will make a portrait glow for that picture. We try our best for creating an image as much smoother and lighter for the satisfactory of clients. Basically a perfect image depends on a good exposure. At EZ Clipping we are always committed to you for providing best quality of image retouching. We have many image retouching artists who have vast wisdom about image retouching. Our skilled designers use newest and most useful Photoshop tools and techniques that enable us to provide you with professional image retouching that is completely the highest quality work and we are capable of providing our services quickly within your time requirements at the most competitive and reasonable price. As example, imagine a human model image is given for retouching and enhances his/her beauty. This kind of retouching is known as beauty retouching. Beauty retouching is basically beautifying a human model image. Applying beauty retouching method a model of 50 years appears to be 20 and still looks completely natural. For retouching a human model image we give more importance some steps for enhancement quality of that image which is given:

  • Wrinkles and skin smoothing
  • Teeth whitening
  • Hair color changing
  • Facial work, remove (dust, mildew, scratches)
  • Enhance and smooth skin
  • Retouch blemishes, scars and other imperfections
  • Makeup enhancements (eyes, lashes, eye shadow, lip color)

Apat from this part of photo touch up service; you may ask for Image Manipulation service which specially required by web-shop / ecommerce clothing companies when they need their products mannequin removed.

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